‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’: Must-see for Disney Princess Fans

If you missed the 2012 3D computer animated feature film, “Wreck-It Ralph,” you might feel a bit puzzled, but still you’ll be able to enjoy “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” This film is really a must-see for Disney princess fans.

The premise for the first movie, “Wreck-It Ralph,” is that at night when the Litwak’s Family Fun Center & Arcade is closed, the characters from the game can travel through their game’s powerline and socialize in the power strip. They can also cross off into other games too, but they must be back in their game when the day starts, otherwise, their game might be marked as broken and the game console taken away. Before the characters were often unkind to the bad guys in their game but in his game, Fix-It Felix Jr., Ralph (John C. Reilly) is promised that he’ll be treated better if he gets a medal. In his quest for a medal, Ralph crosses over into other games and brings a dangerous bug from a first-person shooter game (“ero’s Duty) into another game, Sugar Rush, a game set in a candy land where little girls in race cars made of sweets compete against one another. Along the way, Ralph befriends another unloved character,Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), who is a glitch in the game and doesn’t get a car. Felix  (Jack McBrayer) teams up with Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) to bring Ralph back to their game which has been marked “Out of Order” and together, they find Ralph, but the bugs have invaded the Sugar Rush software and the game is broken. Ralph destroys the bugs but also uncovers a suspicious programming plot that had displaced Vanellope. For the happy ending, Vanellope regains her rightful place in Sugar Rush, she and Ralph become best friends, characters in his game learn to appreciate him and Felix and the Sergeant get married.

Six years later,  Ralph and Vanellope are in the power strip station. Ralph is perfectly happy, but Vanellope is getting bored. She loves racing but is bored with going over the same tracks every day. Ralph builds her a new route, but when the girl playing the game tries to control Vanellope as her avatar, she breaks the steering wheel to the Sugar Rush.Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz evacuate all the residents of Sugar Rush before Mr. Litwak (Ed O’Neill) unplugs the game console.

The only replacement part Litwak can find for Sugar Rush costs more than the game makes him in a year so the game is going to be hauled away and junked.

Leaving the other girl racers in the care of the still married Felix and Sergeant while Ralph and Vanellope jump into the WiFi that Litwak has connected and search for the part. They become encapsulated in a vehicle–none of which really fit the over-sized Ralph. On the Internet, Net users are represented by square-headed avatars in contrast with residents of the various websites who are Netizens.  For Ralph who likes stability and routine, the World Wide Web is a nerve-racking place, but Vanellope is excited by the new possibilities.

After passing by places like Twitter (with birds actually tweeting), Disney and Google, Ralph and Vanellope meet the search engine KnowsMore (Alan Tudyk) who has an aggressive auto-fill problem, but he’s the one who helps Ralph find the eBay.

Once there, Ralph and Vanellope place the winning bid, but they cannot process the purchase without a credit card. They must earn real money or the part will got to the other highest bidder (with eboy popping up to remind them how much time they have left throughout this adventure).

Ralph and Vanellope answer one of those questionable pop-up ads–click baiter J.P. Spamley–because he promises to make the person rich. The deal is they must steal virtual weapons or prizes to be sold to wealthy online buyers. One such prize in an online racing game, Slaughter Race, is the ride of Shank (Gal Gadot). Vanellope almost gets away with the ride, but Shank and her crew catch up with them.

Shank admires Vanellope’s racing skills and clues her in to the viral video, sending her over to Yesss (Taraji P. Henson) at the trend-making site BuzzzTube. Yesss and her flunky Maybe (Flula Borg) help Ralph use all algorithms for viral videos and Ralph eventually becomes rich enough to afford the part but the movie is only at the halfway mark.

During their journey, Vanellope pops into a restricted area green room for the Disney Princesses and, since she is a princess herself, is able to give them some advice (comfort wear), but is also asked what is her song? Every Disney princess has a missing mother and a song along with a big strong guy who will supposedly resolve all her problems.

While she tried to find her song, Vanellope realizes that she wants to remain in the hazard-filled, unpredictable world of Slaughter Race. Frightened and angered that he’s being left by his best friend after all his viral videos, Ralph asks Spamley for some help and ends up in the corridors of the Dark Net where he makes a deal with what looks like a relative of Jabba the Hut–Double Dan (Alfred Molina) who runs an apothecary with vials of computer viruses and bugs.

Once virus feeds on insecurities of the characters and who is more insecure at this point than Ralph who fears losing Vanellope? This being a Disney animated feature, you can be sure of a happy ending for both Ralph and Vanellope.

This is a fun feature and you’ll probably want to watch is more than once to get all the animated jokes and cameo appearances from a variety of Disney properties like Star Wars, Marvel and the Muppets. If you want to get the back stories or just prepare, the original movie, “Wreck-It Ralph” is streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

“Ralph Wrecks the Internet” premiered on 5 November 2018 and opens in the USA on 21 November 2018.

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