Ms. Geek Speaks: Is Antifa Hillary’s Henchmen?

All the German words I know I learned from “Hogan’s Heroes” so I cannot decipher much about this photo, another example of #FakeWoods words from @RealJamesWoods.

James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) is correct that these people are Antifa. The flags tell us so. He also adds that these are #DemocratStormTroopers, #AltLeft and implies these people are supported by George Soros (#ChildrenOfSoros) and supported Hillary Clinton (#HillarysHenchmen). The date that this was posted implies that this might be related to Charlottesville, Virginia or the subsequent protests the weekend of 20 August 2017 (e.g. Boston).

James Woods’ claims might be plausible if you believe that US Citizens want to carry flags with German words around the logo. It is less plausible if you see the full photo where the group is posing under a German slogan. notes this as taken on 30 January 2016.  I also found this photo on (Thomas Rossi Rassloff on 2 September 2012. According to Google, “Nazis Aufs Maul!!” means “Punch Nazis in the Face!”

In order to support James Woods assertion, you have to believe that Germans in Berlin or other parts of Germany are being supported by George Soros to support Hillary Clinton. In reality, it is unlikely that these people pictured are taking part in Antifa actions in the United States, voted for Hillary Clinton or were paid by George Soros.

Again, James Woods is using his Twitter account to spread #FakeNews or as my husband likes to call it #FakeWoods.

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