Hearty Breakfast Any Time: Crazy Otto’s

Prime Rib Weekend Special Breakfast for Dinner.
Prime Rib Weekend Special Breakfast for Dinner. (10 oz. for $16.50 or 14 oz for $20.50)

Breakfast is my favorite meal. Crazy Otto’s is a small inland desert chain. We’ve only been to the Acton location.  We’ve been there early when it’s bitterly cold in the morning and we’ve been there in the evening.  We’ve had the sandwiches there as well for lunch (to go).

Crazy Otto’s infamous big omelet. This one is the Build Your Own (five ingredients) for $15.50.

Crazy Otto’s specializes in satisfying big appetites. They don’t skimp on the butter. They’ll give you your hash browns extra crispy. They make perfect eggs.  You can ask for your toast dry or no butter on your waffles. They assume you want butter because why else would you come to Crazy Otto’s except to fill up on good, old-fashioned cooking that could keep a farmer/rancher or truck driver happy?

On the weekends you can get a Prime Rib Special (see photo above) that comes with two eggs (any style), biscuits with gravy or toast (10 oz. for $16.50 or 14 oz for $20.50).

You want something hearty or something that will keep your tummy warm and happy for a long time, this is the place. We usually get more than one meal out of the order.  You can also call in your order and the menu is online.

Lemon chicken dinner special (2 dinners for $20 August 2016 special)
Address: Santiago Square Shopping Center, 33317 Santiago Rd, Acton, CA 93510



Saturday 6AM–9PM
Sunday 6AM–8PM
Monday 6AM–8PM
Tuesday 6AM–8PM
Wednesday 6AM–8PM
Thursday 6AM–8PM
Friday 6AM–9PM

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