LAFF 2017: Darkly Humorous ‘The Night Guard’ ✮✮✮

We’ve all that those days at work where nothing goes right, especially when you’re hoping to get off early. “The Night Guard” or “El Vigilante” is about one poor honest man working on a half-finished construction site far from the center of town who is having one such night.

“The Night Guard,” which won the World Fiction Award, is a darkly humorous look at one work shift by an honest security guard, Salvador (Leonardo Alonso). To get to work, Salvador must take a train and then a bus before he walks to his workplace. The body of a young boy has been found in a van not far from the construction site. Salvador has given a statement, but the officers and Salvador must wait for his coworker, Hugo. Hugo and Salvador weren’t together when the van appeared last night.

When he finally arrives, Hugo brings more problems for Salvador who has promised to get off early. Hugo disputes Salvador’s version of the events and the two officers refuse to file these contradictory statements.  Hugo and a certain serendipity of events bring more problems which prevent Salvador from leaving although Salvador’s constantly on his cellphone assuring someone that he will be there soon.

Ros seems to be asking how does a good man, an honest man survive in a world oppressed by ever-present smog of rampant dishonesty and the continuous threat of bad men.  “The Night Guard” received the Best Film and Best Actor awards at the Morelia Film Festival.

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